Affordable housing and a good environment

A key task of municipalities is to ensure that the living environments of residents are functional and comfortable. Municipalities are responsible for regional housing policy, transport and traffic infrastructure, parks, water and sewage systems and building control. Municipal policies affect issues such as the cost of living, cycling conditions, or air pollution.

The Left Alliance wants to build municipalities in which everything works. We want to build municipalities where everyone can find affordable housing that meets their needs. We want to build municipalities with a well-functioning public transport system and where services can also be accessed by walking or cycling. The Left Alliance wants to build municipalities with diverse residential areas, where inhabitants are able to take part in the development of their environment.

Representatives of The Left Alliance commit to the following goals:

Curbing the cost of living
The cost of living must be kept at a reasonable level by building enough housing and by exercising a strong land policy. Municipalities must plan sufficient apartment housing to satisfy local demand and build affordable, municipal-owned rental apartments. Large towns and cities must introduce a mechanism for curbing rent hikes.

Improved quality of construction
School buildings affected by mould and other buildings with indoor air problems must be fixed or renovated. We must prevent this problem from reoccurring by means of stricter building control and improved construction counselling services. More environment health inspections must be conducted. We must prevent renovation debt by investing in renovations and through proper maintenance. Builders and general contractors must take greater responsibility for the quality of construction. Municipalities must favour domestic timber building in their construction projects.

Building harmonious residential areas
Municipalities must encourage diversity in residential areas and fight residential differentiation. New rental housing must be fairly distributed across municipalities and service quality must be equal in all areas.

A city of arts and greenery
One per cent of public construction budgets must be allocated to art and municipalities must support different forms of art and street art projects. Art must be brought to residential areas and suburbs. Green areas, urban forests and parks must be well cared for.

Municipalities must be energy-wise
Municipalities must participate in the fight against climate change by means of energy-efficient construction and through municipal energy companies investing in renewable energy. Public procurement must take account of environmental considerations and urban planning must support emission reduction.

Proper public transportation
We must invest strongly in public transport services and quality to enable car-free living. Cities and towns must make significant investments in public transport and, in the countryside, the service level offered must enable the use of everyday services. Further investments must be made in demand responsive transport and service transport.

Improving the status of cycling and walking
Planning must enable cycling and walking. Bicycle and pedestrian traffic must be taken into account at the planning and service design stages. Street planning and road maintenance must support safe and smooth bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

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